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century. Another famous expressionist artist is Vincent Van Gogh. Impressionism Impressionism is an art movement originated in Paris in late 19th century. Somebody had to draw a line and it turned out to be the art critics who took up the responsibility. First the throne or anything of that importance are painted. .

Yet, the results are appealing and aesthetically satisfying. The first technique uses detailed and precise brush strokes while the other is the common watercolor painting.

These Surrealistic paintings could strike you with elements of surprise. Suibokuga is one such school of art, where artists use only black ink for painting. It corresponds to composition, space and depth. The kind of paintings Japanese artists produced using only black ink would amaze any world-class artist. This school of arts has many branches today including the prominent. The expressionist paintings either represents emotional state of the artist or is intended to induce some kind of an emotional echo within the viewer.