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File Name Description Family dsxpg. Pdf TWR1 LED wall pack spec sheet TWR LED twr2 led. Black, white, blue, avg. Pdf 8" Dome-Top Round, TRT, round KBD kbd8-led. Pdf owpc 70W Metal Halide Wall Pack Cube owpc TWA-M-S.pdf Mini wall-pack, 50-100W MH, 35-100W HPS TWA TWA-CF. Pdf LED Area Luminaire CSX1-LED CSX2-LED. Mounting choices of steel yoke or cast aluminum 2 3/8" OD slipfitter. Pdf LED Specification Bollard KBR8 LED To be printed with all products containing acrylic material KBS KB6-M-S-I-Square. Pdf Surface Round, 42-70W TRT PGR PGR-M-Electronic. Light Bulb Wattage, under 10 Watts 10 to 19 Watts 20 to 29 Watts 30 to 49 Watts 50 to 59 Watts 60 to 69 Watts 70 Watts Above, color Finish. Pdf Lithonia Outdoor Floodlight QTE LED Floodlight Parking Garage Canopy Specification File Name Description Family kacm-M-S.pdf Surface square, flat or drop lens, 150-400W MH kacm To be printed with all products containing acrylic material kacm PGR-CF. MR, mRP-M-S.pdf, architectural die-cast post top, 70-175W MH, 50-150W HPS.

Pdf Specification round full cutoff; 26DTT, 26-70TRT KVR KVR1-M-S.pdf Specification round full cutoff; 50-200M, 70-150S KVR KVR2-M-S.pdf Specification round area lighting, arm-mounted, size 2, 175-1000W MH, 250-1000W HPS KVR LED Area File Name Description Family as1-led. Vertical lamp units (MV) have wide uniform beam for closer set backs. Pdf Cantilever Crossarm - Buildings fwpb Pole-rctma-rctms. PDF D-Series Pole Mount D-Series Area Pole Mount dsx0-led. Pdf WSQ LED Wall Mount Luminaire WSQ-LED WSR-M-S.pdf Decorative Half-Round Wall-Mounted, 50-175W MH, 35-150W HPS WSR WSR-CF. Pdf OFL Size 1 Floodlight OFL1 LED Floodlight ofl2 led. Pdf 8" Dome-Top Round, TRT, round KBR kbr8-led. Pdf 8" Dome-Top Round, 35-70W HPS, 50-70W MH, 116W incandescent, square KBE KB6-M-S-I-Square.

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