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for the ESM Investment Portfolios and the Liquidity Buffer. 2017 772,912,869 1,643,556,062, previous years, number of shares, issued as at 1st Jan. Managing Director The Managing Director, Klaus Regling, is responsible for conducting the current business of the ESM under the direction of the Board of Directors. Harned cfra Research Ibrahim Firdaus Citigroup Investment Research Charles Armitage CM-CIC Market Solutions Agnes Blazy Commerzbank Norbert Kretlow Credit Suisse Olivier Brochet Deutsche Bank AG Milene Kerner DZ Bank Alexander Hauenstein Exane BNP Paribas (France) Tristan Sanson Goldman Sachs Chris Hallam Investec Rami Myerson Jefferies.

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Banking Committee Performs technical reviews and provides final internal approval prior to the submission of proposals linked to the direct recapitalisation instrument (DRI) to the Board of Governors, Board of Directors or any other external counterparties. They are appointed by the Board of Governors upon proposal of the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, the supreme audit institutions of the ESM Members on a rotating basis, and the European Court of Auditors. Of shares 243,397 Capital subscription 24,339,700 Paid-in capital 2,781,680 Germany ESM-Key.9616. Internal Risk Committee Considers any matters regarding the evaluation, monitoring and approving of practices linked to the implementation of the ESM Risk Management Framework and risk management within ESM operations. It takes decisions as provided for in the ESM Treaty or as delegated by the Board of Governors. Management Board The Management Board assists the Managing Director in conducting the current business of the ESM, preparing the decisions of the Board of Governors and the Board of Directors and seeing to their implementation. Of shares 194,838 Capital subscription 19,483,800 Paid-in capital 2,226,720 The Netherlands ESM-Key.6781. Of shares 197,169 Capital subscription 19,716,900 Paid-in capital 2,253,360 Belgium ESM-Key.4534. Board of Directors The Board of Directors consists of senior civil service officials from each ESM Member who are highly competent in economic and financial matters. It comprises government representatives of each ESM Member with responsibility for finance. Cancelled, issued as at 31st Dec. Representatives of the European Commission and the ECB may participate in its meetings as observers.